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Meatless Monday: Harvest Salad

I made this Monday's recipe for our Halloween dinner with the Faulkners, we ate it with their delicious Shepherd's Pie but for a meatless meal I'd suggest pairing this salad with a good, creamy soup. I got this recipe from ... my head.

Spinach - use kitchen scissors to cut it up

Yams/Sweet Potatoes - I happened to be cubing some for Jake and decided to toss them in - they made a nice, unexpected touch

Blue cheese crumbles

Sliced almonds - I think walnuts would be tasty, too

Pomegranate seeds - pain to get the seeds out, yes - but worth it! If you really aren't feelin' the pomegranate seeds try dried cherries.

I mixed it all up but think it would've been better to make "rings" out of the ingredients on top and then toss before serving.

Served with Blue Heron's Blue Cheese salad dressing

Also in retrospect ...note to self: take food pictures before serving instead of limpy leftovers!