Project 365 …
{December Daily – Eleven}

{December Daily – Ten}


Day Ten

Today I focused on our Christmas cards – I love doing photo cards partly because I remember how much I used to love getting them in the mail growing up. My mom kept a special basket out on the counter to tuck them into – I loved looking at our friends near and far … and now I have the collection and enjoy looking back through them. I also loved getting Christmas letters and might do one some day. Or not. Seeing as how I’ve only mailed half of ours this year and may, or may not, do the rest. I can’t seem to remember to buy more stamps. I must not be the only one having a hard time getting them out this year because we’ve gotten a fraction of the cards we’ve received in other years. Journaling on this page will likely be a print out of this blog post – keepin’ it simple, baby!