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Cooking with Sam … Dora and Diego



I Santa got Sam a Dora and Diego cookbook with the idea that he and  I would pick one  recipe to make each week, including getting the ingredients. Weekly might be ambitious but the goal is just to encourage him to be excited about cooking and bringing something of himself to the table.

The first recipe he picked was: “Scrambled Eggs in River Rafts”


We used celery for our paddles because a) red peppers were crazy expensive and b) Sam won’t eat them.

We made it for Matt’s birthday breakfast. It looks more like an appetizer than a meal, I know. We added bacon and extra scrambled eggs.

Make whole wheat biscuits, scramble eggs with red peppers (or celery), add bacon (we added that, or add whatever you like). Top each biscuit with egg scramble mixture, add cheese on top bake for a couple minutes to melt cheese, make paddles with sticks of red peppers (or celery) and serve.

Nathalie’s Notes: This seems quick. But don’t forget to factor in time to make the biscuits!