{Wellness Journey – Week One}
Cooking with Sam … Dora, Diego and the Naked Chef

{What’s working: bagged baked goods}




I saw this idea on a favorite blog of mine, Erin Goodman’s “exhale. return to center.” and wrote for permission to copy it to use here.She cheerfully said “yes” and told me that there’s a whole blog carnival thing on this site: We are THAT family about “Works for me Wednesdays.” Love it.

I love reading tips and tricks about how people handle the most ordinary of things, so I figured I’d share some of mine in hopes that you join in with sharing some of yours.

I’ve been making our own bread since I figured out how to use my machine. My friend Booker was over while I was carefully measuring and re-measuring my ingredients. He said his old roommate used to make bread every day but didn’t remember him being so careful with the measurements. Well, when you’ve made enough weapon loafs you learn to stick with what works. Later he told me that he remembered his roommate used to keep the dry ingredients pre-measured in baggies and that’s why it looked like he just dumped them in and pressed a few buttons.

Genius. I wrote all I need to do on the bags and am good to go. With my little helpers it’s nice to cut any corner I can so we can still cook together without all the extra clean up time.

Works great for scone mixes too. I’ve been pre-measuring the base ingredients and just adding whatever sweet thing to them and they are the bomb. Even with whole wheat flour.