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Catching up

Okay, busted. Regular readers know that when it comes to me and this blog, silence is so not golden.

Those of you wondering what the heck, well, let's just call it a rough patch for now. Some day I may, or may not, be able to share more about what's been going on but just know that it's not for lack of wanting to write that I haven't been keeping up with my posts.

I see by my stats that some have been forced into the archives ... thanks for sticking with me, you readers and this blog are two of my top ten favorite things. For reals. Do people still say that?

In other news ... this is my first post as a 35 year old. I had an unexpectedly wonderful birthday and am looking forward to what the new year has to bring. Thank you to all the good wishes and sweet gestures that helped me celebrate being born. I'm glad I was.

And still more news ... funny story - last week, on the morning of my deadline I went ahead and spilled coffee all over my computer. (And yes, for those who must know there was plenty of sugar and milk, because I was drinking it not planning to pour it on my keyboard). I can't describe how devastated I was.

A computer is not a luxury item for me. And yet, it's priced like one. We're working through how to manage that and I miss the days of the "Just charge it" mentality. (Okay, not really but I have to admit it came in handy during times like this).

I am surprised to share that this seemingly awful thing has somehow turned into a blessed experience. I had a fortune cookie tell me help would come from unexpected places this week and I trust that to be true.

So, all that is to say, I'm on an unexpected Internet hiatus save a quick check in from time to time in the evenings when my husband brings his computer home. I'll have plenty to say as soon as I get that new computer ... next week maybe.