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Word counts, back again …


Edwards' Barn

* see photo credit below

Pretty ideal huh?

But not if you’re one of the Edwards girls. Yes, that’s right … long-time readers might remember my fictional friend Isabella Edwards.

Word count: 549

Remember word counts? Long-time readers of my blog will remember that when I was in the flow of a novel I kept posting my word counts on here to keep me accountable. It’s crazy but true that some days just wanting to make sure I didn’t have a “0” got me to the keyboard now matter how tired I was.

So, I’m back. Back to my novel, Breaking  Branches and back to my daily Debt of Honor, 300 words per writer Anne Lamott’s advice.

During this making people period of my life, my writing’s been a bit scattered, lots of inspiration, notes, ideas, drafts – all of which I’m thankful for and look forward to seeing through.

However, there hasn’t been so much finishing going on. If it didn’t

have a deadline attached to it these last few years, it hasn’t gotten done. I’m ready to change that with my new favorite “f” words – focus & finish.

I have at least 6 writing projects-in-progress. Which is great for the part of me that enjoys writing and follows the ideas as they come. The part that isn’t great is you can’t get a manuscript published without actually finishing it.

I decided I must pick one and finish it. While choosing the one that’s the closest to finished, i.e. the longest draft I’ve been writing for years, it’s also the most intimidating choice because that means, well .. that I have to figure out how to finish it. I’ve never written anything that long before and have been so overwhelmed every time I’ve neared the end that I’ve walked away from it. Or had babies, or whatever. Enter this new program I’m using – Scrivener – bees knees, baby. Bees knees.


*I got this image from Wine Wench (I only was there long enough to know I’m interested in taking another peek later)


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