In defense of parenting Tiger Mama style
I get these ideas …

jumping in



I’m not quite sure where to jump back in … so I’ll start with this picture of everyday life around here … mud, cars … mess. Good stuff.

This has been the longest hiatus I’ve had from blogging in a long while and while I missed this I did not miss being plugged in all the time. I had no idea the extent of my Internet-induced ADD until I dumped coffee all over my computer and was forced to take a little break.

Now, I’m back in business but have no intention of going back to my constantly connected ways. I’m not sure exactly what my new habits will look like but blogging is still high on my priority list.

As I sort through all that and where I want to start on my long list of “things to blog about” here are a few fun links:

Conquering clutter

Organizing, free, adorable downloads – what’s not to love?

Coolest chore chart yet – your kids can check it between tweets.