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{Project 365: week 11}


Week 11 (2)

Week 11

Week 11, side 2

Almost caught up! Although, really this project is like laundry – there’s no such thing as catching up. It’s more like a constant work-in-progress. Truly, that’s part of the joy for me.

More of you are reading this than I realized … thank you for your comments and emails. It’s so fun to be in this together!

I’ve been planning to get another kit when I can scrap the cash together and was pretty sure I was getting the turquoise edition … until I saw my friend Karen’s amber one. Now … a dilemma (one I’m happy to ponder).

But first, I have to figure out how I’m going to somehow sum up a powerful 186-word book in 200 words.

Also – to those who care about my little journey through clutter rehab … things are a changin’ in the best of ways! I am almost down to my “box of shame” (which I should probably rename)* and my piles and folders full of notes of random writing things, story ideas, scenes, character notes, overheard bits of conversation … I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle that yet. I did realize that one of the reasons I haven’t finished my book is I know I have bits and pieces of it in journals, on notes and in these piles … being this close to sorting through it all means I can overcome that recently discovered roadblock.

*Box of shame (new name ideas, anyone?) includes graduation announcements yet to respond to (circa 2007 and on), Christmas card that got returned to re-send, thank you notes for things long-forgotten, pictures I made copies for people and didn’t send but now forgot who it was for … as well as some more important, uh, financial details.