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{Project 365: week 8}


Week 8

Week 8, side 2

I’m trying to get a mix of real life happening in this album so I decided to include the picture of sad Sam and Jake melting down because, well, mama said there’d be days like this!  There are a few pictures I love in week 8: the one of Jake “in the lead” during Team Hardy’s table racing time. (an hourly event around here!) I also love the picture of Sam and Ella hugging and the picture of Sam’s muddy boots and “outside cars” soaking before they’re allowed back in. Just little details that mean a lot these days but won’t when table racing is replaced by a less legal kind and the muddy boots are no longer a single-digit size.

This week is full of “inserts” which is one of my favorite things about this project. You can do this part, or not, but it’s a perfect place to tuck birthday cards, holiday art work from school,and random ephemera.

Week 8, insert

I stitched all of the boys’ valentine cards into a sheet … it took me awhile to figure out how and it’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen but it makes me smile every single time I see it. I was really proud of it until Sam decided he wanted to look at his valentines again. Out of the pocket. He didn’t understand they were sewn in for good, nor did he appreciate my handiwork.

Week 8, insert 2

Week 8, insert (2)

A special pocket for the valentine’s from Sam’s Nana and Papa – a plain sheet protector cut to size and stitched closed.

week 8 insert

I adore preschool art!