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This simple little phrase is working wonders at my house. I don’t know why but Sam totally gets this. His teacher says it so I started saying it and to my utter amazement it works almost all the time!

So I was stoked to see Becky Higgins created a free download on her site with this expression printed on three different colors … uploaded to Shutterfly and now it’s on my fridge. Easy.

I forgot to post the link to my April “Baby on Board” column: click here if you want to read it.

I'll let you in on a favorite parenting secret of mine. Sometimes, particularly out in public, I pretend I'm the nanny.

This comes in handy when my toddler nearly dives into the water feature at Wilco, or takes it upon himself to "deadhead" the flower display as I wrestle my 1-year-old charge into the shopping cart. When people shoot me the stink eye, I just shake my head along with them, nanny-like.

The nanny thing works at home as well.

The way I see it, nannies actually have fun with their darling charges because they aren't as emotionally attached to the outcome. They don't worry so much about messes and are far more playful.

I know, because I worked as a nanny all through school.

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