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Green Zone: Pitter-Patter

If you get a chance to pick up Saturday’s News-Register, my “Confessions of a Green Wannabe” column ran in the special Green Zone section. I don’t have a link to share yet but the issue is on newsstands around the county, for local readers who don’t subscribe to our community paper(ahem!).

I only have 600ish words to work with so I couldn’t list all these links in the paper but am happy to do it here and encourage you to check out the cool and cute stuff created by local (mostly) stay-at-home mamas.

I absolutely adore this store and love going there with my kids because there is a playroom for them and the staff is super understanding when they don’t stay right where they’re supposed to. I also love shopping there because awesome deals are to be had like Sam’s $3.00 Cars slippers!

I’m excited to share the awesome owner, Jennifer Johnson, is willing to take some Nathalie’s Notes products on for a test-run. I am so, so excited about that!

Pitter-Patter Children’s Consignment store in Newberg (619 E. Hancock). 503.538.4215

Little Red Wagon

Little Birdie & Me


Sweet Pea & Pumpkin

Heidi Boos with Stampin’ Up

Mo’s Bows

Glitter Bug Girls

Baby Bumz

Betty Jane Designs

Casey & Kyle Comics

Simply Cute Creations

Forget Me Not

Lil’ britches

BE your own kind of beautiful

Handknit treats

PJ Creations

p.s. Fun fact: love that I ended up having to do my interview with Jennifer with both of my children, in my sweaty work-out clothes sporting the frazzled-mom look. She didn’t bat an eye and knew I was just doing what a work-from-home mama’s gotta do!