The Unraveling
Call it a comeback

When dreams happen

Yes, yes. I’m alive. And totally fine. By which I mean back on my feet. Which is to say, you know, dusting off and moving forward.

As some of you know, my husband has joined the ranks of America’s unemployed. I know, right? Nothing like testing a fragile situation with a little financial crisis. Except that we are not fragile. And we are not looking at this as a crisis. Except maybe me at 3 a.m. when deciding if it would be worse to be without water or power. I’m more dramatic in the dark I guess.

You know what else happens in the dark? Dreams. Dreams happen. If, of course you can take a break from the drama of what might happen and instead put your energy on the possibilities.

I decided recently, I truly can’t handle living in the place between fear and faith. That’s where I’ve been hanging out for the last few weeks. Feeling hopeful and positive at times and devastated and terrified at others. It was the emotional equivalent of the proverbial hamster wheel. Up, down, round and round.

As I’ve mentioned here before this year has been one of awakening and personal/spiritual growth. In a moment I knew that it was time to pick one: fear or faith?

But how?!

The answer from somewhere inside me … the same place that knows little hands are in the cookie jar … it came: trust me. Make it a spiritual experiment.

So I am.

And you know what? Dreams are becoming realities! Which is not to say it’s all suddenly perfect, but the  more I keep focused on what I can do and notice where I hold myself back the better.