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Remember Project 365?



Remember how enthusiastic I was about Project 365 (or Project Life as many call it)? I still am. Even though I am approximately 93 days behind. Instead of waiting to catch up on those 93 days I’m just jumping back in where I’m at, so here is Monday’s picture of the day and journaling – just a little taste of life around here. The kind of thing that would be easy to forget one day.

I was driving the boys home from one of our favorite parks, the Airplane Park (thank you Emily) and saw a little pond with a bunch of ducks on the edge of it. I was flooded with memories from my childhood I’d long forgotten: feeding ducks at Wright’s Park. Which made me remember my mom and dad’s restaurant Le Snack … which brought back all kinds of memories. Stuff I want to write down before I re-forget. But I suppose there’s something kind of cool about having these flashbacks of memories.

Call it a comeback


It’s not that I’ve been lounging on the beach or anything. And it’s certainly not that I don’t think of something I want to share several times a day … it’s just, you know … life.

Crazy, good and sometimes challenging life. I’ll just say that there’ve been plenty of opportunities for personal growth around here. If spirituality were martial arts I think I’d be working toward my brown belt. Isn’t that what we’re really here for, though? To understand … ourselves, each other … to learn how to thrive no matter the circumstances … to learn that we are always at a point of choice. Always.

My saving grace can’t actually be limited to any one thing … it’s my faith, my family, my friends, my babies, my writing, my health … so I suppose I could narrow it down to the one thing: gratitude for all that I do have. {Psst … I’m teaching a class on exactly that called “Writing in the Margins” this November in Newberg.}

I know that The Internet gets a bad rap for ruining … everything. But I have to say I count it among my blessings. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected as well as a resource for all kinds of awesomeness. Sure it has its drawbacks and negative consequences but I’m not going to apologize for being a liker, on Facebook or otherwise.

Speaking of which do you like me? On Facebook, I mean. Winking smile If not you can find me under the creative name of: Nathalie Hardy. Even when I fall off the face of the blogosphere, I still manage semi-regular posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Why? Because it’s my happy crack.

I’ve missed blogging and think I’ve found a way to work it back into the rhythm of my days … so I’m back. Thanks for sticking with me!