DIY Draft Dodger

{December Daily–Day 1}

12-4 (2)

Oh, did you guys think I was doing December Daily for this year?

I kind of did, too. But alas … it’s looking like a repeat of last year where I end up finishing the project in the spring … Except that this time last year I think I had more than a mere pile of scraps, sticky notes and intentions. I am still taking pictures and jotting notes here and there so we’ll see what comes of it all.

I am planning to use this blog to record my journaling so I can cut and paste it into the book whenever I get back to it. So, lucky you, you get to see my album-in-progress!

{December Daily – Day 1}

We started the month with walking downtown to watch the festivities of our town’s tree lighting. Stuff like this really makes me miss our old town, Carlton, where we knew people instead of being just part of an unknown crowd. I suppose participating in things like this will eventually make some of the faces more familiar. Attending community events, just showing up, is part of cultivating community connections. We almost went to Carlton’s tree-lighting but it’s kind of like spending your freshman year of college coming home every weekend with your old friends and wondering why you haven’t met new ones. We should’ve gone though because I heard Darci Haney was involved and that girl has enviable style and taste! Have I mentioned I miss our old town and the people in it?!

Note to self: for this page use all three pictures so there’s one of each of us actually looking at the camera. Maybe find a good one of the tree lighting on Google or in the paper?