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Wrapping up Project 365


I have so much I want to say about this awesome project but only a few minutes to type this up so let me just say it’s been such a blessing to have this on-going project in my life that I’m signing up to do it again next year. As in starting tomorrow.

Before you’re all “Damn! She really took a picture a day and journaled about it? Every single day?” I have to tell you something.

Last night I ordered 333 pictures from Shutterfly. Because a lot of my weeks look like this:


But, despite two computer crashes where I lost my data (why no, no I didn’t have things backed up) I’ve managed to get the majority of our days tucked into two albums. I love them. In the event of a fire I’ll make sure the kids, dog, my journals and these two books are out of the house.


Seriously I keep the journals and these books by the window on purpose  and a fire ladder for the boys to get out safely. oh, hello Tangent.

Some of you have asked to see more of these pages in progress as well as the finished product – happy to do that. I will incorporate a few steps into my new process for approaching this project in 2012 to make sure that happens.

Two quick reasons I love this project:


One – I was just flipping through the year and can't believe all that's happened, the first page has Jake taking his first steps. And now, he runs with a football tucked under his arm!


Two – Scrapbooking in this snapshot-scraps-scribble some notes style actually has me wanting to scrapbook again! These layouts, simple, simple as they are would still be just ideas in my head instead of done and displayed to share. The boys love looking at these pages with me. note to self: on the back of this snuggle fest page include details/times/snapshots of bedtime routine.

Okay, three reasons – perspective people. Yesterday I was running through the Coscto parking lot pushing the loaded shopping cart with both boys, so like 75 pounds, during a torrential downpour and someone called out: “You’ve got your hands full!” I returned: “Yeah! So is my heart!”



Even if I  never go back and finish the 2011 albums, here is a record of the days of our lives. The ordinary, every day, wonderful, messy, complicated, creative, lives we were blessed with. 

This is our story. These are the snapshots of the blur that is life with two little boys. A blur captured on camera and in words to bring these days into focus someday when we look into life’s rear-view mirror.

For now, looking forward …

Happy New Year!!!




I’ve been meaning to follow up on the Christmas Pajamas from this post as well as a slew of  other things but being as how it’s after midnight, I’ll let the  pictures speak for themselves. My sister-in-law took them at the hotel and you can see why it was a fun task to pick “the” photo for our cards.

(I got the template from Becky Higgins and played with Photoshop.) I’d do a few things differently – but it’s done. Some are mailed. Some came back without postage and the rest are in a pile waiting … for someone else I guess. I hope these outtakes make you smile. They crack me up. The bottom one is my favorite.

{insert something meaningful and deep about my gratitude for my friends, family and readers who are mostly friends and family … kidding. Not the part about being so grateful for you all though. That is as real and heart-felt as it gets.}

IMG_1698 IMG_1697IMG_1696IMG_1695IMG_1694IMG_1693IMG_1692IMG_1691IMG_1690IMG_1689IMG_1688IMG_1687IMG_1686IMG_1685IMG_1684IMG_1683IMG_1682IMG_1681IMG_1678

Merry Christmas and Vesele Vianoce!

{December Daily–Day 1}

12-4 (2)

Oh, did you guys think I was doing December Daily for this year?

I kind of did, too. But alas … it’s looking like a repeat of last year where I end up finishing the project in the spring … Except that this time last year I think I had more than a mere pile of scraps, sticky notes and intentions. I am still taking pictures and jotting notes here and there so we’ll see what comes of it all.

I am planning to use this blog to record my journaling so I can cut and paste it into the book whenever I get back to it. So, lucky you, you get to see my album-in-progress!

{December Daily – Day 1}

We started the month with walking downtown to watch the festivities of our town’s tree lighting. Stuff like this really makes me miss our old town, Carlton, where we knew people instead of being just part of an unknown crowd. I suppose participating in things like this will eventually make some of the faces more familiar. Attending community events, just showing up, is part of cultivating community connections. We almost went to Carlton’s tree-lighting but it’s kind of like spending your freshman year of college coming home every weekend with your old friends and wondering why you haven’t met new ones. We should’ve gone though because I heard Darci Haney was involved and that girl has enviable style and taste! Have I mentioned I miss our old town and the people in it?!

Note to self: for this page use all three pictures so there’s one of each of us actually looking at the camera. Maybe find a good one of the tree lighting on Google or in the paper?

DIY Draft Dodger

You know I’ve been getting so crafty around here I just had to share this DIY Draft Dodger I’ve been wanting to make. We found one like the one below in the pantry/laundry room/storage closet upon moving in but the boys quickly trashed it. I found a few cute ideas on—where else?—Pinterest and ended up coming up with my own alternative version.

DIY Twin Draft Dodger

Betz White draft dodger

Here is the one I finally settled on … it works perfectly!