{December Daily–Day 1}
Wrapping up Project 365




I’ve been meaning to follow up on the Christmas Pajamas from this post as well as a slew of  other things but being as how it’s after midnight, I’ll let the  pictures speak for themselves. My sister-in-law took them at the hotel and you can see why it was a fun task to pick “the” photo for our cards.

(I got the template from Becky Higgins and played with Photoshop.) I’d do a few things differently – but it’s done. Some are mailed. Some came back without postage and the rest are in a pile waiting … for someone else I guess. I hope these outtakes make you smile. They crack me up. The bottom one is my favorite.

{insert something meaningful and deep about my gratitude for my friends, family and readers who are mostly friends and family … kidding. Not the part about being so grateful for you all though. That is as real and heart-felt as it gets.}

IMG_1698 IMG_1697IMG_1696IMG_1695IMG_1694IMG_1693IMG_1692IMG_1691IMG_1690IMG_1689IMG_1688IMG_1687IMG_1686IMG_1685IMG_1684IMG_1683IMG_1682IMG_1681IMG_1678

Merry Christmas and Vesele Vianoce!