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Back with a bug


I’m back from vacation so I can tell you now that I was out of town. I try not to mention stuff like that until we’re safely back home for all the obvious reasons but now I have a huge backlog of stuff to share. Not a bad problem to have.

What was bad though, is that a few hours after landing back in Portland, I got hit by a stomach bug that didn’t quit. I tried to be thankful it didn’t happen on the plane but mostly I just felt sorry for myself as I tried to manage the kids on my own and wonder who was going to unpack and get groceries and meet my deadlines.

I am starting to feel better and am thankful to have pictures from our trip because the warm sun, mom’s help, and dad’s bartending already seems a long time ago!

Today I have a lot of catch up work to do, as well as a date with my Lysol. But more soon, promise.

Meanwhile – here’ a link to my column about the toll mothering can take on a woman’s self-worth. It ran while I was gone:—hardy