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Game Changer

I have an interview today. For a job. One that doesn’t include wiping noses, bums or counters. Though, I’ll still be doing those things as well … just not as much. 

I am excited and nervous which creates sort of a barfy feeling.

Sam said to me yesterday:

“Why are you nervous? You’re just going to go and see what it’s all about and try to have fun, then you won’t be nervous.” He looked at me like duh and added: “You taught me that, Mama!”

Which made me feel amazed at my fortune to have such an awesome little dude as my son. And also like I’m doing alright raising him. And that it’ll be okay if I’m not available to him 24-7 like I have been for the last 5 years. Five years. Which is not to say it’s not going to be an … adjustment.

(Just a heads up … when you start affirming that you are in the process of positive change on a daily basis, be prepared for things to … you know … change.)


On June 4th, I posted “Daycare found, resume and cover letter written, over-analyzed and sent ... now to find shoes in my closet that don't say ‘five-year SAHM.’” on my Facebook page—but you know that ‘cause we’re friends, right?!

Update: I guess I found the right shoes because … I got the job! I’m a reporter again … the kind with a desk in a newsroom.

My only regret is not picking a pair of more comfortable lucky shoes because I don’t know how often my tennis-shoe and flip-flop accustomed feet are going to be able to handle these!


p.s. for anyone who randomly found this by Google and doesn’t know me … I am kidding about the shoes. Not about the uncomfortable part, but about them being magic. I got the job because, you know … it’s what I’ve worked toward for approximately … forever.