Job throws identity in flux, again
More Reporter Mama Observations


It’s been so long since I’ve posted here I had to think to remember my password. Sigh.

Really? July 3 is my last post?! I think it’s safe to say four months is the longest I’ve gone without blogging—a word I still loathe—since I was introduced to this awesomeness by my lovely friend Rosie seven years ago.

All that is to say … I miss it. And I’m not giving up on my promise that I’ll be back to more regular blogging one of these days soon.

Starting today.

So, I know this would be freaky and wrong in a lot of important ways but it’s crossed my mind many times in the last four months that it would be so cool if I could just download my thoughts into my computer and upload the posts I compose while falling asleep and driving to work and yes even during some of the boring parts of my otherwise interesting meetings.

But, that would come with a host of problems … like the obvious fact that many of my thoughts aren’t for public consumption. I know, those are kind of the best ones … but I insist on saving those for after I’ve had a few cocktails.

So how about a super quick update and the commitment to be back soon with more?

drinking less of the aforementioned cocktails, less coffee and lots of water – what do you know? There’s been so action on the bloody scale.

appreciating the good news that I won a long-fought battle with my mortgage company yesterday. For the first time since this spring I know where I’ll live at Christmastime (and beyond). so relieved!

watching season openers for my favorite shows Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice and The Office.

laughing at myself, a lot. Humor makes everything better.

eating meat again … thinking about quitting.

willing this lovely autumn weather to last longer than summer did in Oregon.

waiting anxiously my parents to move to the same side of the country as me. so awesome!

prepping to wrap up the final details of my journaling class with Big Picture Classes. so excited!

opening my eyes and heart to new possibilities and perspectives.

sleeping in a very crowded bed with two little boys who refuse to stay in their room all night. trying to remember this is a short, short season and love the snuggling time. but also: exhausted.

remembering how it feels to be in the swing of being a reporter.

brainstorming ideas for Sam’s fifth (FIFTH?!) birthday party this weekend

wearing fun outfits more often. Like real, coordinated outfits instead of just what fits … encouraged!

considering ways to work in personal writing time. Now that I’m doing it all day, it’s less likely to happen at home. Partly because that’s where everything else is waiting. Did you know it’s true that “the dishes will wait?”

making the best of things … it’s a good strategy.

feeling better, finally!

getting nervous about the new changes coming at work.

loving planning Sam’s party and getting ready to decorate for Halloween.

having visions of catching up on Project Life … yeah, about four months worth – good guess!

listening to the sound of my boys starting to wake up.

crying less often.

acknowledging that attitude is truly everything.

flipping off the lady who flipped me off for no reason … and then realizing I should probably stop doing stuff like that. Then, she did it again so I threw up double birds and it felt kind of good. No idea what her problem was. Didn’t make it mine.

enjoying the realization that things might feel more settled in the near future.

thankful for all of it.

Thank you to Ali Edwards and Elsie Blaha who inspired this list of reflections in my life right now.

Be back soon. Really.

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