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good intentions

So, part of overcoming challenges is recognizing you have them, right? And, naturally some are tougher than others.

For instance, me vs. food is kind of a pickle … but when it comes to writing it recently occurred to me that one thing that gets in the way of my writing here more frequently is my compulsion to be chronological.

Like, I can’t possibly tell you one story without filling in all the blanks in between. Because why? Working with the concepts of Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories and taking the compulsion to be chronological in my scrapbooking has opened up a new world of possibilities, and I trust that could be true here, too.

So, for this morning because I hear the sounds of little people waking I’ll leave you with a few of my good intentions that, um … stayed that way.


1. As with every November, I considered doing NaNoWriMo and then remembered I still need to finish the novel, Coming Clean. Yep, the one I started FIVE years ago. Yep, the one that’s had several working titles before landing this--perfect--one if I do say so myself.

2. I meant to make my kids’ Halloween costumes. In my mind they were going to be Legos. I had it all planned out, for just the cost of spray paint and tripping on a pile of boxes and toilet paper tubes for a month. I pretended it was going to go down like that until the Friday before when I went to my dear friend and express ordered Angry Bird costumes that were on sale.

2012-10-31 08.09.48

3. I meant to send this picture out as a card for Halloween. But didn’t.

2012-10-13 16.11.24


p.s. FYI I am still under the illusion that I’ll be making Christmas gifts this year.

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