Geeking out
Welcome Back, word count


At this moment I am …

drinking  the last of my leftover white chocolate peppermint soy mocha from yesterday.

appreciating Sunday morning.

watching Matt try to get a car unstuck for Jake for the 100th time.

laughing at the memories I’m pulling out of my “polaroids” box."*

eating too much sugar lately.

willing us to have the kind of Sunday that is restorative instead of rushed.

waiting to see what my hard drive search shows up for my finished short stories.

prepping for spring cleaning.

opening to new possibilities.

sleeping in new pajamas.

remembering so much I’d forgotten as I look through these pictures and scraps.

brainstorming new chapters to round out Kickin’ it with Ralph.

wearing the aforementioned new p.j’s.

considering where to start working out again. At this point feeling like I’m so out of shape no effort will help. So changing that thinking is probably a great place to start!

making cheese and carob chip pancakes for breakfast, per Sam’s request. I’ll have the eggs. Which reminds me, I need to boil a bunch for dying.

feeling like I need to take the asthma and pre-diabetes thing seriously.

getting nervous about the issues above.

loving the morning I had yesterday with Jakey, just the two of us.

listening to an old Beach Boys soundtrack, Matt’s choice, which I prefer to NPR first thing on a Sunday morning.

acknowledging my “to do” list for today is too ambitious and I’ll have a better day if I revise that this morning instead of by default at bedtime.

flipping through so many awesome memories as I create my library of memories system.

enjoying being back in the swing of writing my books … I can’t help it parts of the third one are coming together faster than the first two but I’m happy to be getting it all down.

thankful for all the bits and scraps I’ve kept over the years especially now that I’m pulling together an easy way to retrieve, and an attractive way to store, them!


A box containing scraps of overheard conversations, quotes from people I love and random stories on napkins, coasters and index cards. Written polaroids … inspired by Anne Lamott.

Thank you to Ali Edwards and Elsie Blaha who inspired this list of reflections in my life right now.

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