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Big Picture Classes

“Really? You’re taking a class on how to organize your pictures?” Asked the imaginary voices in my head when I consider what The Random Others might think.

Mmmhmmm. And I am loving every minute of it. Of course, it’s not even about how to organize pictures, instead it’s about the stories behind them, stories I want to share with  my family and friends.

If I get swallowed by a sinkhole today, I would have piles of pictures and boxes of memorabilia that mean everything to me, but nothing but a mess to clean up behind me for everyone else.

Unless I act on my best intentions and find away to live with my pictures and scraps of life in a way that is enjoyable instead of embarrassing … or guilt-inducing as in “I should really get those in an album.”

“ I should really put people we know in that frame!”

“What pile is that picture I need right now in?”

Enter Stacy Julian and her method of Finding Photo Freedom … it was love at first sight for me. She had me at “library of memories.”

Libraries and memories being two of my favorite things, and all.

Total detour: For a few months I’ve been conflicted about this blog, it’s direction, what I should – and shouldn’t - write about.

Partly because of my new job, and partly because I have such a varied readership – some of you want more about crafty,creative stuff, some ask for more of the writing in real life stuff while others consider it emotional TMI, then others want more journaling, some about writing, some about parenting, but most not all of the above.

Mostly, I am thankful that anyone wants to read this stuff, much less comment on what they like to see, but in an effort to create balance, I went underground completely.

Turns out that isn’t what anybody wanted, including of course, me!

(What’s that expression about not being able to please everyone? I’m still in people-pleaser recovery over here.)

In the spirit of posting something that matters to me instead of the little I’ve been doing recently, here’s the scoop on my current happy crack project:

I am taking Stacy’s class through Big Picture Classes (yes, the same place I’m so excited to be teaching my Art of Self-Preservation journaling class).


I started a DIY version of her system years ago after reading her book The Big Picture. *

But it was more like a “start it yourself, then stop” version, really.

This time, things are falling into place and I want to convert everyone into trying something like this because it is really that awesome.

So, here’s the books for each of the following categories:

Things we do |People we love

 Places we go | All about us

The orange binders are Project Life books from 2012 … not finished, FYI.


Here’s the start of my category lists just brainstorming the different things we do/people we love, etc. Just the start of the list, if you  know I love you and you’re not on that list, I might already have your tab made!


The tools I tweaked to help me keep the rating and sorting of photos going so I can do it in five minute chunks. (It’s working!)


Photo triage in action … so fun to go through these and find unexpected connections.


These will eventually become four category drawers that I’m working on this week.


The first connection I made for a class assignment, me jumping in the pool circa 1980, my son jumping in the pool in 2011 … We have so many water-related pictures I’m thinking of making “Splash” one of my category tabs in the Things we do drawer.


More later on this and many other things connected and otherwise; I just wanted to share these little bits for now.

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