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Welcome Back, word count

Weekend word count: 5,410

Although I write every day for a living since I got my reporting job, I haven’t been moving forward in my fiction projects.

Until last week when I jumped in to take a class from my friend and writing coach Christina Katz.

I adore her for her genuine nature and

supportive ass-kickery …among other attributes.

I leaned into the “yes!” voice in my head and signed on to take her 21 moments class which entails a prompt a day for 21 day to write 21 moments.

It’s up to each student to decide how to organize them, with a host of ideas from Coach Katz.

From a collection of memories triggered by the prompt for authentic scrapbook pages, to drafts for a memoir to short stories, students take their pick.

I decided to use that as encouragement to go back to my novels … my works in progress for many years now. I might not finish them this year, or ever. But I am loving working on them again moment by moment.

Here’s a little scene from when Ani is in the hospital and learns she’s pregnant. Unfortunately, she’s surrounded by several people she’d rather not tell.

But, staff in the rural hospital she finds herself are evidently unencumbered by HIPAA laws.

“I guess it’s as good a time as any to quit smoking,” Mac grinned at me before tossing my nearly full pack of smokes into the garbage can across the room.

I can see how he thought I, a grown woman, wouldn’t hide something like smoking from my parents. Clearly he didn’t understand that ours was a relationship based on illusions, appearances and deception.

“You’re pregnant?” My mom.

“You smoke?” My dad.

“You’re screwed.” My brother.

“Shit.” Mac.

So, I answered all of them at once: “Yeah.”

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