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When God gets in my grill


“Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

- Voltaire

God’s been all up in my grill with flashing this particular quote at me in all kinds of ways.

And, then because practice makes perfect good, I’m getting lots of opportunities to apply the principle to real life.

Turns out this little saying applies to pretty much everything.

That Voltaire … what a smarty pants. And then there’s God with the whole “Hey, turn down the volume and tune in” thing.

Which is totally not what I meant to write at midnight on a work night. I just miss writing here and while I’ve been applying the aforementioned philosophy effectively in other areas I haven’t done it with blogging yet. (Will I ever learn to like that word?!)

Tonight, I just wanted to hop on here and share how much I am loving learning more about the awesomeness that is modern technology.

I always wait until a better time to Skype with my parents and surprise, surprise it never comes. So tonight I sat outside after I came home from a meeting that ended blessedly early and we chatted for a bit and I was so grateful for the technology to do that from my little phone!

And then it got even better! I saw earlier from a blog I follow The Mom Creative that a book I was interested in reading was available for free on Kindle. Too bad I don’t have that.

Oh, but wait! I do! On my phone. Which I found out super randomly when I was checking to see if the screenshot I took while Skyping turned out. There was a message informing me my Kindle update was complete.

It gets cooler. So then I download the book which has some impressive author blurbs from the likes of Ree Drummond, Ann Voskamp and Beth Moore.

And then I Google “Sparkly Green Earrings” and find this blog post in which the message I was meant to get tonight in answer to a specific question I never asked out loud was clearly sent.

And received.

In this post by Melanie Shankle --who is about to have her first book released --writes:

“As much as it all still doesn’t seem real, I look at Sparkly Green Earrings sitting on my bookshelf and it’s a reminder that God sees us. He sees the little dreams we have that we’re scared to voice out loud but whisper as a prayer in the dark. And then he works all things together for his good and puts pieces together in ways we never could have imagined.”

So when Sam asks me how it is I know for sure that God answers my prayers I can say because I am listening for them … when I tune in, that is.

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