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Summer fun and other news


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Summer starts today ... it's hard to tell with the freakishly fall-like weather we're having here in this corner of Oregon, no complaints just an observation.

It's hard for me to believe it's been a year since I returned to work full time as a reporter after five years home of being home with the boys.

I will always wish I'd had a little longer home with Jake but when that wave of guilt looms over me I dodge its crash by remembering how nice it is to pay the mortgage, among a host of other positives of being back in the newsroom.

So far, I've been able to do the things that matter most to me as far as what being a mom means to me (the snuggles, the surprises and the simplest of delights) but as summer was approaching I felt an ache as I realized it seemed everyone else people on Facebook were making plans for summer vacation, but for us it's just ... business as usual.

keep calm summer

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After momentarily going down the mental path of feeling sorry for myself and longing for a life that no longer exists, I realized working doesn't have to mean we can't have plenty of summer fun around here.

I just need to be intentional about it, and as crazy as it might sound, the best way for me to ensure we have plenty of old-fashioned spontanous summer fun is to ...er... plan for it.

So, I am ... with our own summer manifesto project ala one of my favorite inspirations Ali Edwards.

Which is fun ... and funny since I'm like eight weeks into Project Life and this is like the 25th week of the year? You'll be relieved to know getting current on Project Life is on the list in addition to other realistic things like "climb a mountain" by Jake and "do the Lego challenge" by Sam.

We're still tweaking our list but I'll share it soon and hope to hear a few of your summer bucket list ideas, too!

In the meantime, I'm happy that

{You can get this free download from Cathy Zielske's website, because she's just awesome like that}.


Oh, and in other awesomeness ...  I'm stoked to share that I am actually teaching a class in the same place as the aforementioned creative superstars ... you guys know my journaling class is live now on Big Picture Classes, right?

I figured as much since there are likely very few people who didn't hear my whoop of delight when I watched one of my life-long dreams manifest before my very eyes.

In case you happened to miss it, here's the scoop: for ten bucks you can sign up to take my journaling class "The Art of Self Preservation." And, if you want to be supportive but aren't sure you want to take the class yet, click here and listen to the audio introduction. 

I'd love to hear what you think!