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tune on tues 7-9


What: Tunes on Tuesday

Why: It’s one of those things that makes Summer feel like Summer. Plus, it’s part of my focus on being connected to our community. Oh, and it’s a good reason to dust off the picnic basket!

Where:  At the “Music Park” as the kids call it.

Note: It’s free and super fun. It’s still kind of a cluster getting us fed picnic style but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it by the time the season ends. Also, if I hadn’t put Tunes on Tuesdays on our summer manifesto list, I don’t think I’d be trying as hard to make it happen.


Sunday Breakfast


What: Waffles

Why: Saves time in the morning

How it works: I cook a bunch of extra waffles, pancakes and/or breakfast burritos on the weekend when I like to make a bigger breakfast for the fam. I freeze the leftovers to use for breakfasts during the week.

Note: Why is it so intimidating to do this for dinners?


What: Battle picking

Why: Sanity

Where: at every opportunity

Note: A recent example is letting Jake have orange juice on his breakfast cereal instead of almond milk. He asked, I resisted but then couldn’t think of a good reason why not so now it’s his thing. Whatever.

(Yes, it’s a hit of sugar, no they don’t drink juice on most days and no Jake can’t have a cup of juice with his cereal – because he also has to learn to pick his battles. Oh, and yes I water the juice down just like my mom did for all the same reasons).

So, friends – what’s working for you lately?

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