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Turns out, being a soccer mom is a team sport

I am having a bit of a personality conflict with … my job.

When it comes to being a Reporter Mama, it seems I lean harder in the direction of Reporter than Mama, as that is the nature of the job. As much as my employer tries to accommodate the schedule, things must be covered when they’re happening, not next week.

As of late it’s been consuming me from the inside out and I feel like I’m not getting up for air often enough, which could explain the crushing anxiety in my chest.

That is compounded by the fact that my five-year-old son just exploded into being a person with a schedule of his own but no means of transportation … so things are going full throttle and while I sincerely love my job and being the mom of a fresh-faced Kindergartener and soccer player … so fun … I am missing doing the things that make me feel like just me – personal writing being at the top of that list. Also, showering. Just kidding, I’m still showering but not really lingering over the loofah. Just moving on to the next thing as quickly as possible.

Working on figuring that it out now that I’ve identified it’s not a passing sense of being overwhelmed but rather how my life is right now. Praying on this and finding interesting things coming up as I work through it.

One of the awesome things coming out of this phase is Matt took on a lot of the soccer business. Which I write more about in my recent column:

Turns out being a soccer mom is a team sport

The last time I came up for air – actually it was called insomnia, I tamed the racing thoughts by making my first, ever digital scrapbook pages. I was inspired to tell the story of being surprised by Jakey Cake’s fancy footwork (and head-butting) on the sidelines … I didn’t even know he could kick the ball that well.

You can click on the individual images to read the journaling and see the pictures better.

Jake soccer

And then I still couldn’t sleep so I worked on a page for Sam. I totally geeked out on the fact that I could make the paper match the clothes the kids were wearing by simply* using the eyedropper tool.

*I won’t focus on how long it took me to get to simple.

Sam soccer


*Yes I am aware of the editing errors, but I saved it and can’t figure out how to edit a layer once it’s saved. Instead of giving it another few hours of my life I am stamping it with the “good enough” seal and moving on … speaking of which, on to my next meeting.

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Our (not) first day of school

sam orientation for blog blur

We had a little misunderstanding that came to light in the minivan yesterday.

While there were tears shed across the state on back to school day yesterday, my boys cried because they weren’t going to grade school.

When we rolled up to drop the boys off at preschool/daycare, Sam cheerfully told his brother, “Goodbye, Jake. I’m going to Kindergarten now.”

“And so I go too,” said Jake.

Except no, to both.

Though Sam will start school tomorrow, Jake is a ways out from his first day pics.

But, Sam did get to go meet his teacher at which point I had an opportunity to practice reacting to misunderstandings and confusion of my own.

First, I was flustered at the front office, fumbling to get my license out of my purse while the other parents gathered in the hall listening to the teacher. I misunderstood the sentence “personal time for you and your child to get to know the teacher and classroom” to mean it would be just us.

Instead it was a whole group, which was fine – great, even. It’s just not what I was expecting.

I was impressed by the teacher giving the kids a task to play with a tub of specific toys, and my kid may or may not have helped organize the organizing effort. By color, and by type of material. Love. Him.

Sam orientation for blog

Oh, and can we talk about supply drop off? Because that threw me off too.

I was flustered at the supply drop off because it was more of a random dump with little direction or clarity.

So, let’s talk about those supply lists for a sec.

I was proactive and downloaded one marked for this school year (for sure, I’ve checked a few times).

But, alas after checking that list off, we received a letter in the mail with different and conflicting supplies.

People! I’m trying to be perfect here and that shit messes me up!

Also, how about some labeling instructions. Really, it’s easier to do it at home with a Sharpie than in a crowded classroom while I’m trying to casually stalk my child to see how he’s interacting.

Community supplies? Sweet- just let me know in advance so I’m not letting Sam pick which color scissors he wants when really, it’ll fall into the “get what you get and don’t throw a fit” clause.

I’m the kind of person who always wants to be prepared, always wants to have the extra pencils in case someone needs to borrow one and I like doing things right.

But it’s not about the tissues or about doing everything right, right? 

It’s about how you react to being thrown off. It’s about learning to find your balance even when the ground below you is unsteady.

So while it’s Sam’s first day of school tomorrow, it’s also my first time with a kid in school – we’ll get it figured out in time for graduation I’m sure.

Oh, and one more thing. When I first heard through a friend that my son’s teacher was going to be a man I was a little tripped out.

Like damn near everything else about parenting it didn’t match the picture in my head for what would happen when Sam started Kindergarten.

Mr. Teacher won my heart tonight

“When I was a kid, I was a boy and recess saved my life.”

And that’s when I realized it was all going according to plan, even if it wasn’t the one I came up with.