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Maybe next year

2013-11-25 15.51.02

Is anyone else a little tripped out to realize that next year begins next week?

So, on the eve of Christmas eve it’s probably time to call it … I will not be making my Christmas gifts this year. Again.

Bonus: With that simple decision, I am totally ahead of the game for next year!

One of my many lists is a “Maybe next year” list and it seems to grow longer each year, not in a “things to feel guilty about” way, but more like “think of all the possibilities” kind of way.

Also, I will be putting a few of the tasks from my Mission: Organize Everything off until the new year.

And, then there is my Project Life collection. The albums from yesteryear still hover hopefully on a shelf too narrow for them, waiting for me to make good on my dream of catching up on my pages.

Truth is, I’m doing the Living Life thing and that means we can’t have all of our priorities be number one all of the time. Things we care about get back-burnered all the time.

What we think about a thing is more important than the thing itself, so for me it’s not that big a deal that I’m not “all caught up” on Project Life 2013 (or 2012, 2011, 2010 …)

If I vanish tomorrow and leave behind Project Good Intentions/Project Sticky Notes, it’s something more than nothing which is what I’d have if I waited for life to be easier, calmer and complete with of large chunks spare time before starting any projects I feel passionate about. .

I can’t tell you what week I left off on – only that I’ve done a few simple things to help me get back on track if and when I’m able to make it a priority again.

  • I keep taking my picture of the day, most days. That has become a habit since I first started Project 365 and helps me see the awesome in the ordinary.
  • I jot a few notes in the margins of my planner and/or journal. I’ve also started a Project Life notebook in my Evernote on my computer, and have downloaded the app so I can make notes quickly on my phone – by speaker even! I love the search capability on Evernote.
  • I keep tucking memorabilia of our day-to-day life in my Project Life file in my Planner Files.
  • I’ve let go of trying to do it perfectly, or at all.

And, get this … I’m totally planning to get started on a new Project Life for 2014.

Who knows? Someday the boys might think it’s cool I purposely recorded the first six weeks of every year for posterity.

Who am I kidding? They will recognize my handwriting on the sticky notes and know exactly what happened. But if they ask me about it I’ll remind them of the fact that they wanted dinner every. single. night.

Also lunch. And breakfast. And the clean clothes and all the other details that go into the care and feeding of little people. (Who are totally worth it by the way!)

So, I snap a few pictures of that part of real life too, it’ll be worth it one day.

For now, here are a few of our ordinary moments lately and some pages in progress.

(You can click on the pictures for a little bit more detail).

2013-10-29 08.44.50

One of very few runs this year, you can correctly assume this is something else on my “maybe next year list!”

2013-10-29 12.52.34


2013-10-29 12.52.12

2013-10-29 12.52.262013-10-29 12.52.58


Getting to volunteer at Sam’s first field trip was a holiday mom highlight for sure. I was afraid going back to work would mean no field trips, and it’s true I won’t be able to make a lot of them, but I will enjoy the ones I can show up for. Sam kept squeezing my hand and telling me he was glad I was there. I don’t need the cards to remember that, but I wrote it down, just in case. Maybe to remind him someday Smile 

2013-10-29 12.52.50

Some mornings on the way to work I can spend a few extra minutes with Jakey at preschool and I love those moments.

2013-11-18 08.43.48

This. This is what snuggling little guys looks like. Please note no one is sleeping in the same direction in our Queen size bed.

2013-11-08 01.27.32

Two boys quiet at the same time?! Amen. Totally validated my vision of turning this downstairs room into a family studio.

2013-11-30 10.22.50

Look at the lovely frozen water … which turned into a lovely mess we were so lucky to have stay outside and under the house!

2013-12-09 09.08.00

Look who else is taking notes? In the backseat, in his journal, on the way to school.

2013-12-11 09.13.28


Curious to hear what other people have on their “Maybe next year” list. If you don’t have one, I recommend it as a freeing way to cross some things off and move on …

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