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Project Life, take six


PL badge 2014

Good news! With the new year I’m merely five years and three weeks behind on Project Life.

But it’s all good because I’m committed to this project forever. For real. Okay, maybe not forever but for a really long time.

The fact that I haven’t lost interest in over five years despite the reality that my books remain unfinished year after year is indicative of my passion this project designed by the amazingly awesome Becky Higgins.

This is why: the point of the whole thing is that it’s supposed to be a blessing, not a burden. And it is such a blessing to leaf through what I do have finished that it’s worth keeping on.

So … here I go again … I plan to update Project Life posts on Tuesdays because deadlines are how this reporter mama gets things done.

This year I’m using this album:


And, my first insert is tucked in there already thank you very much … I got this on this blog, it was designed by Leah Aldous and I love it.



As per tradition, my title page is started but not finished. Most likely it will look like this for the next five years. See below for proof.



Project Life, 2009



Project Life, 2010

Interesting to note … nothing is done on 2010 except the one picture tucked in here of our friend Bob visiting Baby Jake … Bob is now with us in spirit, but I am so glad we have this shot of him holding Jakey Cakes. Just funny that it’s the only picture I tucked in there all year!


Project Life, 2011





Project Life, 2012




Project Life, 2013