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Friday Favorites: commercial inspiration


This inspirational commercial demonstrating the epitome of optimism from if my favorite commercial, ever.

See and share 'The Greatest' Pass it On commercial about optimism | |



I also love this surprising commercial advertising Apple’s iPhone but really reminding us not to assume we know what a person is-or isn’t- all about.

Seahawks, rockin’ –just sayin’


In honor of the Seahawks, I’m sharing this Duracell commercial featuring Seahawk Derrick Coleman, the first legally deaf player in the National Football League.

On (potential) discouragement early in his career he says:

“But I’ve been deaf since I was three so I didn’t listen … now I’m hearing a lot of fans in the NFL cheering me on, and I can hear them all.”

Also, here’s a cool story about Coleman meeting two young, hear-impaired fans.

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