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So, this is happening…

Book Cover

You guys! That is the cover of my book. For. Real!!!*

It’s funny to think that while I’ve been working toward this since I was a little kid, it seems like it’s happened so fast.

After all, it was just last month (yes, last month!) I met with my publishers at Ridenbaugh Press after exchanging emails throughout the year.

We ended the meeting with a conversation about deadlines because that’s how you get things done, right? Or is that just us reporter types?

It came up casually: “Can you get it done in time for Christmas?”

I was thinking: Uh, as in THIS Christmas? ‘Cuz that’s, like, in ten minutes. Not without pushing everything else aside. So, no, I probably can not. But like I was going to say “nah.” I’ve only been waiting for working toward that YES for my entire writing life, which many of you know started when I figured out which way to hold a pencil.

So … I said:


And then I did it.

Merry Christmas to me!


I say that because despite best efforts it looks like it’ll be literally the day before Christmas that these arrive from the printer so … Happy New Year? (That is also around the time my Christmas cards will be mailed out, fyi).

One of the best gifts ever is the support you guys have already shown for this project, and for me – my eternal gratitude is yours. You know this, right?


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p.s. As soon as the link to buy a copy is ready, I’ll post that information. For now, if you have a store or an idea to help me spread the word, I’d love to hear it because I am in the process of becoming a marketing wizard. I’ve already learned so many things NOT to do – like forget to post on my blog that this is happening!

*Y’all know I feel about excessive use of exclamation points but this situation seemed to call for an exception. Thanks for understanding.

Coming soon on Nathalie’s Notes: (My) Cover Story | What just happened | Blurb is a verb

p.p.s. below is a little look at the “first draft” of my promo video. I’ve decided not to use it “for real” but am sharing it here because I promised you guys I’d be real along the way … it’s long, too long – working on that. See when I said I’m in the process of becoming a marketing wizard I meant I’m still Googling how! Smile 
For someone with this tagline: "Keeping it real since before it was a thing" I sure was tempted to glam up reality for this promo video. I think there's plenty to be said for putting your best foot forward. There's also something to being authentic though. And this ... is that. (But I might chicken out and not use it). Just bringing you along for the journey. You're welcome?