The parent trap
Back against the wall

Write along with me ...



So this is me, in your cubicle, at your dining room table or maybe the only time you have the time and space to catch up on stuff like this is in the bathroom –let me guess, little kids at home? --

This is me asking you to consider taking up a notebook. Please, please?

You need nothing fancy. A stack of paper, bound in some fashion – or not. And a pen. My favorite journaling pen right now is a black Bic pen. Sometimes I use the blue one, just to mix it up. Or more likely because it’s the one in my hair or within easy reach.

There are so many reasons to do this – and different ones will resonate with each of you. Some of you are probably instantly out, you’re thinking “Yeah – nope!” And that’s cool. I promise I’ll keep writing about other things. I also promise I will continue to hope you consider joining me.

*If you're thinking YES I want to start, or start again - and that comes with a but ... let me know what that is, okay? (I was going to say "tell me about your but" - and then thought ... well, what you're thinking now. You're welcome.)