And away we go. They go?
Snack in case of emergency

The nothing niche

Remember when you used to write about nothing?


No, like in a good way.

I’m not sure what to …

Reading your blog was like watching Seinfeld.

You know, I used to take things the worst possible way, but with some therapy under my belt I can see perhaps this is a compliment?


Oh, well – thank you.

So can you start doing that again?


Yes I can. In the time I spent trying to “nail my niche,” I lost sight of the fact that I already had one.

Even though my posts documenting the sleep habits (or lack of them?) of a new mama or about interviewing and writing on deadline while nursing (multitasking at its finest) and about milkshakes and marriage never went viral, I was cultivating my own steadily growing community of readers.

And you sent me notes about what you want to hear more about and I LOVE THAT. Please keep sending them. I am listening. I am taking notes. And I have some big plans for this fall. Like, when I actually get to work normal hours because my littles are at this amazing place called school!

Without you readers I wouldn’t have this little place in the cloud to connect with you and share my writing. I am at a loss for words to express how much that means to me.

So yes, I will write about all the things. I will stop trying to be just this, or exactly that – and just be me, out loud.

I made my first fun purchase with Nathalie’s Notes money from book sales because I’m just sure it’ll help me plan my content, track deadlines and stay organized on all the things simply by sheer adorableness!

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