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Freaking finally!


You guys!!
We made it through an entire, tough as hell year. 
And now ... we do ... the. dance. of. joy. 
Remember? Balki?!
Balki Bartokomous. 
No? Hold up, you're going to have to take second and watch this: 
When my ex-husband and I used to love each other, like, looooooove, love, we would do this. Okay, that's not quite true. *I* would do it and he'd reluctantly but lovingly do it with me, with a lot less jumping. Because that's what crazy love does. Ah, good times. 

Wait? Wut? Am I telling you a story about my former married life with a smile on my face and possibly something in my eye? Yes. Yes, I am. 

Of course, I have some, uh, tender spots, a few regrets and if I really, really want to I could get worked about a few things but truthfully at this point: why?

Plus, I refuse to regret 18 years of my life. I think that's what going through and processing pain, in all its ugly forms, instead of avoiding it all together can do for you, I think therapists use words like "healing" and "self-growth" and something about actualization to describe this. 

I use words like "freaking finally" but whatever works. 

Fun fact about me: New Year's is my favorite holiday. I'm working on my ritual* closing of 2017 and my goals and plans for the new year because, you guys, a whole new year!
*no humans will be burned in the execution of this ritual. But some paper and sage, for sure, on account of my gypsy blood. 

A fresh start ...
But one more thing, I saw this on my friend Beth's social media and it really resonated with me.

I think the joy I'm feeling going into this new year is that instead of trying to change everything I am, all I've been and been through, I'm at this place of ... well ... here I am in all my mess and glory and poor punctuation. So, let's do this ... 

Wishing you all the good things in the new year!!


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Merry is Optional
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