My newest Confessions of a Green Wannabe article  ran this week, “A new approach for 2012- the ‘ecolution.’” Click here if you want to read it, starts on page 3. (If you’ve got a few extra minutes, check out page 4 for an awesome article highlighting the essence of my husband’s new business, Artisan Timberworks).

I referred to the following clips in my column, so here they are if you’re curious. The first one is Annie Leonard’s breakdown on “The Story of Stuff.” The second clip is George Carlin’s commentary on our obsession with our stuff. (Guilty as charged!) FYI, if you’re not familiar with Carlin’s work, he cusses recreationally and regularly so don’t listen to this around kids, co-workers, bosses or if foul language offends you. The “G” version gist of his bit is in my column.