{What’s working: synergy & free stuff!}


Jake stairs

While there is plenty that isn’t working, my immune system for example, there is so much that IS. I love the idea of sharing what is working and hope you’ll join me in focusing on the positive and sharing your ideas.

Every.Single.Day I learn something from people that they mention in passing, a tip, an idea or a new way of looking at something. It’s why Parent Hacks is one of my favorite websites, parents simply post something simple that works for them even if it seems too obvious to be helpful. I always have their link on the right side of my page under “Rad Parent Stuff.”

So, focusing on “what’s working” is working!

Also what’s working is the synergy that happens when you set your intentions, share them with people who are supportive and then work steadily toward your dreams. This is happening too many ways to share here but one example is yesterday, during dinner, Matt asked me how my class proposal is going. I was glad he asked because I wasn’t sure just how supportive he was of the whole idea, I told him I was really close but didn’t want to put it out there until I hit that “YES!” moment where it all came together. I also was struggling to come up with the right name. After awhile he suggested: “I got it! Heart in a Jar.”

Yes! (When I tell you more about the class, it’ll make sense.) I sent a quick mental memo to God to help me figure out if that’s really the right title for the class.

After we got the boys to sleep, I got on the computer and Matt clicked on OPB and suddenly out of the speakers came these words: “heart in a jar.”

We were quiet for a minute and then Matt said: “I’d take that as a sign.”

So, this next week I’ll be working on dialing in the journaling class I’m going to teach: Heart in a Jar.


Another thing that’s working for me is winging it. As a OCDish planner I used to think if I didn’t already know how to do something I had to have a plan in place before moving forward. False. My children have taught me that the ability to go with the flow is as important to staying sane as maintaining my sense of humor.

I’ve expanded ways I’m willing to wing it and am pleasantly surprised that the Planning Police haven’t issued a single citation, nor did the world as I know it end. In fact, life is getting even more fun.

One of my sayings, the kind that I suppose my kids will think of long after I’m gone is: “It’s free to ask.”

I’ve been wanting a photo editing program since Sam was a newborn. I finally “winged it” and searched online to find a free trial copy of Adobe Photoshop Essentials and starting teaching myself a few minutes at a time-  two weeks of 15 minute sessions later I learned how to do something that will save me nearly $70 by the end of the year – turns out that’ll cover the cost of the program!

(If you’re wondering, what I wanted to learn, it was how to splice two pictures into one 4x6 print to upload for my Project 365 book, above is proof that I got it figured out. I also learned how to add text to photos a few minutes at a time).

Along the same lines, for years I coveted a writing program that would be a solution to my organization issues – all my notes, research, drafts, character information, scene details all in one place! At the Northwest Author Series last week April Henry shared that the program “Scrivener” works for her. Instead of waiting to know all about it, I did a quick study of it and decided to get a beta trial version before committing to buying it – already I love it and have started writing my novel again. So, so stoked!

Anyway, that’s what’s working around here – how about you?